About the library

Our Library is one of the most important theological libraries in the country, the base of scientific research in the field of theology. The majority of the holdings with 80,000 volumes (scripture, history, literature in various branches of theology, philosophy, psychology, etc.) are theological literature.
In addition to the Hungarian literature, we also have publications in German, Romanian, English, French and Italian language.
The library contains not only books (manuals, dictionaries, lexicons) but also theological journals. There are journals covering several fields of humanities in Hungarian, Latin, Romanian, German, Italian, French, English, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Armenian and Esperanto.
The newly published, can be updated through regular and occasional gifts from generous donors (individuals, foundations, institutions and organizations), as well as through own procurement. The priestly legacies are another source for the expansion of the library.
The main objective of the library is to train priests and to contribute to theological scientific activity. The library is consulted primarily by professors of the Roman Catholic Theological Institute in Alba Iulia, theology students and pastoral priests.


510009 Alba Iulia, Bethlen Gábor Street, no. 3, Romania
Phone: (+40751) 124 846
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Monday-Friday: 8:00-16:00

Library Leader: dr. Nagy József Gábor


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